New book, Leadership GPS, will provide the reader with a practical set of tools, thoughts, and systems to put them on the proverbial road to success

Leaders Need a Global Positioning System

(Alpharetta, GA) December 7, 2010 — The partners of Competitive Solutions, Inc. (CSI) are excited to announce the development of what is sure to be their bestselling business publication to date: Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems®.

Over the last two years, the consultants at CSI have heard from countless leaders on a new set of needs. The economic downturn and austerity-based thinking have created an organizational environment of leaders managing more and more responsibilities. Often, open positions have not been filled, leaving existing leaders with more roles and tasks to execute. With the continued elevation of expectations, many leaders began to approach CSI regarding a simple and executable framework for greater effectiveness The framework must drive focus, engagement, and most importantly, sustainability. It must be applicable to any leader in any role, level, or organization. From these hours of conversations and dialog with existing CSI clients, a theme began to emerge: the idea that leaders today were looking for a new and better roadmap to effectiveness. This framework must provide leaders with a map or navigational device
to move both them and their organization to a greater state of focus, engagement, and sustainability. “As many rely daily on Global Positioning Systems to navigate unfamiliar roads, so should leaders have a GPS to navigate the ever changing and ever challenging world of work,” says Shane Yount, author of Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems®.

CSI dissects the three global challenges facing any leader today.

1. G-GOALS – Is my organization winning or losing? How do I drive better business focus and organization acumen?
2. P-PEOPLE-How engaged are my employees? How do I create a culture of personal and visible people accountability?
3. S-SYSTEMS-How do I create systems that transcend my physical presence to drive and sustain the right processes and behaviors?

Leadership GPS will provide the reader with a practical set of tools, thoughts, and systems to put them on the proverbial road to success.

Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems® will be available Spring of 2011 from Oaklea Press ( or from the CSI website at

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