New Case Study: Total Compensation Portal Delivers Healthy Hiring for California Hospital

ROCKLIN, Calif. / March 5, 2013 – As healthcare reform looms and the industry evolves, a personalized total rewards portal is just what the doctor ordered for medical providers who need to fill highly specialized jobs.

The latest case study from Total Rewards Software explains how a Southern California hospital network is reducing hiring time and costs thanks to the new program. Like most healthcare employers, it faces a constant challenge in attracting and hiring top candidates who meet its specialized needs – and who are willing to live in expensive Orange County.

Last year the hospital turned to Total Rewards Software for a personalized candidate solution that conveys the full value of a salary and benefits package for top candidates. Since then, its human resources team has saved significant costs, eliminated a time-consuming compensation offer process and candidates are enjoying a happier hiring experience.

The full story is available for free download at: The article also examines the evolving recruitment needs of the healthcare industry.

“Without a total rewards program, many employers don’t have a formal way of detailing all of the benefits, insurance information and perks that they provide in a single package,” says Ray O’Donnell, founder and CEO of Total Rewards Software. “When a total rewards statement is utilized properly, employers can paint a more dynamic picture of the value they bring to a candidate.”

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