New Checkster Whitepaper Explores the Question: Would Trump Hire Trump?

NOVATO, CA. – Would Donald Trump the businessman want to hire Trump as President?
Would someone like Trump, who describes his hiring approach in his books, actually hire himself to lead the country? This whitepaper takes Mr. Trump’s hiring practices, as publicly articulated in his books like The Art of the Deal, and looks at their validity then asks the question “would, armed with those hiring practices, Mr. Trump recommend hiring himself for the job as president of the United Stated?”

This new whitepaper titled “Would Trump Hire Trump? 3 Business Recruiting Lessons For a Better Democracy,” Yves Lermusi, CEO of Checkster says that a presidential election is “the biggest hiring decision we ever make as a country, and it is critically important that we spend some time thinking it through. This also raises a question we haven’t had to ponder in a long time: Are we using the best methods to get the best hire to be our next president?”

“We belong to a multi billion dollars industry focused around making the right hire” states Lermusi, “and while the media is too often focused on the hair quality of the candidates, this decision is too important to ignore how we, as an industry can help to optimize this talent decision, for a better country, for a better democracy, for a better world.”

For a downloadable copy of the Would Trump Hire Trump whitepaper, click here.

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