New Competency Model from Assess Systems Predicts the Success of Multi-Unit Managers

DALLAS, March 19, 2015 — Employees who are highly successful at managing multiple locations share a common set of characteristics and competencies that can be easily measured using a new solution from Assess Systems — Assess for Multi-Unit Managers. This new solution improves the ability of an employer to select and develop managers of multiple locations, especially those in the restaurant, retail, banking, and convenience store industries.

This specialized, powerful, and cost-effective solution identifies the common pattern of characteristics and competencies that correlate with successful job performance for multi-unit managers — essentially predicting who will be a great multi-unit manager. Assess for Multi-Unit Managers enables employers to:

– Select the right candidate — Individual applicants can be compared against industry and company benchmarks, and feedback helps hiring managers understand candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to key competencies for a multi-unit manager role.
– Develop valuable skills — Individuals gain an understanding of how their innate tendencies are likely to help or potentially hinder their effectiveness, and receive recommendations for growth. Regional managers and VPs get insight into leadership deficiencies and training needs, as well as about how their multi-unit managers are performing.
– Identify high-potential managers — Assessment results uncover “fast-trackers” who have key competencies and can be moved rapidly into multi-unit managerial roles from other positions.
– Make informed decisions quickly — Hiring managers instantly receive the information they need to make critical hiring decisions, while supervisors get the insights they need to implement employee development plans without delay.
– Streamline the selection process — Assess for Multi-Unit Managers is quick to implement and administer, replacing the need for assessment centers or workshops. It also significantly reduces the time managers are pulled away from their jobs.

“Multi-unit managers are often promoted from the single-unit manager ranks, but just because an individual can effectively manage one location doesn’t mean that person will excel at managing multiple locations,” said Steve Sasser, President and CEO of Assess Systems. “Assess for Multi-Unit Managers pinpoints the specific competencies multi-unit managers need to thrive in this strategically important role.”

In particular, multi-unit managers must balance shifting priorities, the differing needs of each location, and virtual coaching opportunities to drive results. Assess for Multi-Unit Managers enables employers to differentiate good unit operators from great multi-unit leaders who can positively impact the business.

Assess for Multi-Unit Managers is offered as a model within the Assess personality assessment. The other models within the Assess personality assessment include Managers, Professional/Individual Contributor, Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, Supervisors, Restaurant General Manager, Restaurant Assistant Manager and Restaurant Kitchen Manager.

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