New E-Course Will Help Unions Bargain For Workplace Flexibility

Minnetonka, MN – December 1, 2011 – WFC Resources announces a new e-course for union leaders designed to help them introduce and bargain for workplace flexibility.

The Minnesota firm has 27 years of experience in helping companies worldwide create more productive and effective workforces. Its e-courses for managers and staff are being used in nearly 100 companies worldwide.

Says WFC Resources president Susan Seitel, “We are committed to helping companies and their workers enjoy the benefits of workplace flexibility, and we feel strongly that it’s important for unionized companies as well. Labor unions can help shape their employers’ policies.”

“This course will help ensure that union leaders take a position of leadership in moving their employers toward a more flexible workplace. It will help them understand the facts about introducing workplace flexibility as well as the benefits.”

The course, which was written by WFC Resources’ Anne Nolan, a labor law expert, has four modules that cover some of the reasons why bargaining for flexibility has become so important. It clarifies some of the related laws, discusses options like Shared Work Programs, and points participants to a variety of tools and resources.

The new course is the ninth to be added to WFC Resources’ library of e-courses, which are making a positive difference in nearly 100 companies worldwide.

Other recent additions include a four-module step-by-step guide to help Human Resource staff introduce workplace flexibility. It includes a full work-life survey and focus group questions as well as instructions for creating pilot projects. And another recent addition is “From Stress to Resilience,” a course written by WFC Resources’ VP Rachel Hastings, that offers a clear path to a more resilient life. It includes self-assessments to determine areas of stress, several videos and relaxation exercises, and a host of tips and ideas for building resilience and reducing the impact of stressful incidents.

Says Seitel, “We believe this course will not only reduce stress, but help companies and individuals cope with the fast pace of change, deal more effectively with interpersonal conflict, and encourage a spirit of self-responsibility and motivation.”

Qualified buyers may view these courses, along with the company’s e-courses on flexibility and telecommuting, by emailing or calling 952-936-7898.