New ENGAGE Talent Research Reveals Supply and Tenure Trends for Business-Critical Talent

CHARLESTON, S.C., December 19, 2017–New research from ENGAGE Talent, an AI software company that helps companies identify and engage with passive candidates, has uncovered supply and tenure trends for professionals with in-demand skills.

The trends are discussed fully in a new article that is part of the ENGAGE Research series. It is a follow-up to research published in June that discussed overall employee tenure trends across the entire US job market.

The new research–using a sample of approximately 10 million workers–focuses on professionals with four categories of in-demand skills: sales and marketing, business operations, technical disciplines, and design. The findings include:

– A clear, and predictive, relationship exists between supply of certain skills and job tenure. Median tenure increases by almost one month for each percentage point increase in supply.
– Median tenure is lower among workers with design (3.7 years) and technical (4.1 years) skills, and higher for those with business operations (4.9 years) sales and marketing (4.8 years) skills.
– Tremendous variability exists in supply of skills and median tenure within the same functional categories. For example, in the technical category, people with C++ skills have a median tenure of 3.56 years, while people with more-common product development skills have a median tenure of 6.15 years.

“The relationship between supply of in-demand skills and median tenure comes from people taking rational action,” ENGAGE Talent CEO Joseph Hanna said. “Professionals with scarcely held skills can be confident in finding new jobs, so they’re more likely to change jobs on their own volition. Plus, the scarcity of their skills also makes them more likely to be targeted by recruiters.”

In addition to being an important part of ENGAGE’s AI models, the findings of this research help companies better structure their retention, succession planning, and recruiting. Understanding the supply, demand, and expected tenure of business-critical talent is essential in guiding effective, data-based, workforce planning.

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ENGAGE solves a relatively difficult AI challenge: predicting people’s job security and likelihood to change jobs based on their professional background, career progression, and events impacting their companies and industries. Recruiters use ENGAGE to conduct market research, identify talent pools to target, and build a pipeline of passive candidates who are more likely to engage in a job change discussion. To learn more, visit and follow ENGAGE on Twitter @Engage_Talent.

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