New GreenJobInterview Article Advises Recruiters to See Candidates Point of View

COSTA MESA, Calif., JULY 9, 2012 — Today’s top candidates are connected and well-informed and have come to expect a high level of “customer” satisfaction during the hiring process. A new article by GreenJobInterview, “The Live Virtual Interview Experience: It Is All About You!” invites recruiters and hiring managers to consider the hiring process from the candidate’s point of view.

In this tech-savvy Internet culture, candidates will quickly move on to the next opportunity if so much as a career page link is broken. At every point in the recruiting and hiring process, organizations must ensure their technology is top-notch.

This applies to the interview experience as well. Companies should leverage any and every technological advantage they can find to engage the candidate. Using browser-based technology and a webcam, employers are now able to interview candidates remotely, in real time, from anywhere in the world.

“Organizations need to understand that a better candidate experience equals a better employment brand,” said Greg Rokos, co-founder and president of GreenJobInterview. “By giving the candidate the best possible experience, you are putting your best brand foot forward. Even if the candidate doesn’t get the job, they will be left with the impression that you would be a good company to work for—and word will spread through their networks.”

The GreenJobInterview article explains, from the candidate’s point of view, the benefits of live virtual interviews:

* no need for a candidate to take an afternoon, or a day off to interview with a company;
* no need to make up creative excuses for taking time off from their current job;
* elimination of travel-related stress and expense (a bonus to the hiring company and the candidate!);
* an inside look at the organization’s culture; and
* the ability to meet with numerous hiring decision-makers at one time, further saving time

“The Live Virtual Interview Experience: It Is All About You!” is available now for complimentary download.

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