New Hodes Health Care Research Reveals Why Many RNs Are At Risk For Attrition

Health care employers can curtail departures, but first need to understand where they are missing the mark

New York, NY—June 2, 2011— Bernard Hodes Group, a leading provider of integrated talent solutions, and Katon Direct, a database marketing solutions company, have announced the results of a new research report examining the needs and perceptions of registered nurses at key tenure points of employment. One of the most compelling findings is that the majority of RNs, regardless of tenure point, are at risk for attrition.

A total of more than 494 RNs participated in this online research, with 73 new RNs, 143 experienced RNs, and 278 tenured RNs. The three tenure points examined by the study are defined as:

• New RNs (defined as those licensed within the past five years)
• Experienced RNs (defined as those licensed more than five years ago and hired by their current employer within the past five years)
• Tenured RNs (defined as those licensed more than five years ago and working for their current employer for more than five years)

“One of the more surprising results found in this study is the fact that a majority of those RNs considering employment elsewhere had communicated work-related concerns to someone in authority. However, for many, no action was taken,” said Judith Russell, BSN, RN, vice president, Bernard Hodes Group. “Health care employers need to focus on listening to their employees, and understanding what drives their employment satisfaction and ultimately their engagement with the organization.”

Many of the RNs surveyed also believe that they did not receive an accurate description of the work environment prior to being hired. Thirty-six percent found the reality of the work experience and culture at their current employer did not live up to (or meet) their expectations, with 25% citing unsupportive management and 21% citing unfair treatment of employees.

“We believe that by understanding the preferences of each segment, employers will be better able to attract, retain and engage their RN talent,” said Daria Friedman, vice president and director of research, Bernard Hodes Group.

In addition to issues with attrition, the Hodes report also includes information about employer selection, hiring, on-boarding, engagement and sourcing. For more information and to download a copy of the research results, please visit

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