New 'How-To' Video Series From HRmarketer Highlights Marketing Tactics to Reach HR Buyers

CAPITOLA, Calif. – February 19, 2014 – HRmarketer – the software solution for companies marketing to the human resources and employee benefits marketplace – recently launched a video series, “How to Market to HR – Better,” that demonstrates effective marketing tactics and how to perform them.

Each video is approximately 2-5 minutes in length and provides an overview of a particular marketing task, and how HRmarketer’s market-leading technology helps HR vendors perform those tasks quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

“Some of the tactics used to reach today’s HR buyers have changed substantially over the past few years, and some have not,” HRmarketer Founder and CEO Mark Willaman said. “What we are doing with this video series is helping marketing and PR professionals identify and perform the tactics that we have found to be effective in our decade-plus experience of helping HR companies market and promote their products and services.”

Some current videos in the series include:

– Find Speaking Opportunities in the HR Marketplace
– Find HR Analysts and Influencers Offering Product Briefings
– Find HR Media Outlets Accepting New Product and People Announcements
– Stay Up-to-Date With Topics That Are Important to Your HR business
– Comment on HR Blogs, News Stories and Articles–Find the Right Ones
– Find Byline Article Placement Opportunities For Your HR and Benefits Content
– Find Hashtags to Improve the Reach, Visibility and Engagement of Your Social Shares
– Find Content Related to Topics That Are Important to Your Business

“We are working on videos on a number of additional topics and will have them available very soon, and we will continue to produce videos on new topics,” Willaman said. “Obviously, social media has played a larger role in marketing and PR recently, and many of the upcoming videos will highlight social media-related tasks.”

HRmarketer software offers users newly enriched research databases that encompass conferences, speaking opportunities, award competitions and other sources that are vital to the success of marketing and media initiatives; integrated news distribution services that help make company news more visible and improve opportunities for winning media placements; and a cutting-edge marketing intelligence tool that provides real-time information about industry news and social conversations that matter to your brand.

About HRmarketer

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