New Off-the-Shelf Training Program Helps Multinational Organizations Overcome Intercultural Communication Conflicts

Participants learn key communication strategies for the global marketplace: How to start a conversation, motivate a global workforce, avoid cultural offenses, structure a project and communicate a business strategy.

(Des Moines, IA ¦October 26, 2010) — VisionPoint®, a developer of video-based training solutions, and ECCO International, an internationally-recognized global communications consulting firm, announce the release of the global communications training program, Open Mind, Open World: Improving Intercultural Interactions™. Open Mind, Open World equips individuals in multinational organizations with quick tools to anticipate and resolve key issues arising from cultural conflicts.

Guided by decades of applied research in cross-cultural anthropology, psychology and business behavior, Open Mind, Open World teaches employees how to decode cultural clues and improve the effectiveness of their day-to-day interactions with colleagues and customers. According to Dr. Amy Tolbert, principal of ECCO International and Certified Speaking Professional, “Smart global communication makes organizations more adept, more productive and, in the end, more profitable. Open Mind, Open World provides a mechanism to understand the five most critical cultural continuums and a process to ensure effective global communication.”

This training program teaches individuals at all levels across the enterprise how to anticipate and react to people’s behaviors around the globe with effective communication strategies. Participants learn how to decipher where each culture, including their own, falls within five research-based cultural continuums. These continuums provide insight into the behavioral tendencies within cultures and regions of the world based on the common values people share.

“Cultural obstacles and misunderstandings can cost organizations in terms of lost profits, productivity and creativity,” said Laura Bernstein, president and CEO of VisionPoint®. “The challenge is not only for top-tier business leaders but employees at all levels of the organization. Open Mind, Open World helps anyone, at any level, improve day-to-day activities, such as team meetings, email exchanges and one-on-one communications between peers and superiors.”

To preview Open Mind, Open World: Improving Intercultural Interactions™ or for more information about VisionPoint® and its programs, visit or call 800-300-8880.

About VisionPoint®
VisionPoint® is an industry leader in developing media-rich training solutions to maximize performance and minimize risk. Specialty areas include high-impact training in ethics/compliance, inclusion/respect, leadership development and personal effectiveness. The company serves clients in financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, agribusiness, hospitality, government agencies, education and non-profit organizations. VisionPoint® is a GSA contract holder and nationally certified woman-owned enterprise.

About ECCO International
ECCO International specializes in developing global competence in multicultural organizations around the world. Dr. Amy S. Tolbert, principal,of ECCO International, has researched multicultural competencies needed for today’s global organization and has authored the book Reversing the Ostrich Approach to Diversity: pulling your head out of the sand, a timely answer to the renewed urgency for actionable diversity information. Dr. Tolbert is a Certified Speaking Professional and consults and trains around the globe in the areas of multicultural competency development, increasing influence in organizations and managing a diverse workforce.

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