New Research Released on the Importance of Engagement and Innovating the Talent Assessment Experience

Waco, TX. April 18, 2014 -Employee assessment solutions provider, Profiles International, released a new research report entitled, “Innovating the Talent Assessment Experience: A Promising Engagement.” Authored by Dr. Kurt Hulett, the new report discusses how the right or wrong preliminary assessment can influence a prospective candidate’s view of the company, as well as the importance of engaging customers, clients, and colleagues.

By downloading this report, readers will learn:
-how to engage prospective employees
-the reasons why an evolution of assessment processes is necessary
-the need to move toward case-based, contextualized assessments that are specific to individual industries

A published author and employee assessment expert, Dr. Hulett has worked in the private sector as a Senior Director of Research and Business Development, and Vice President of Assessment for Pearson Assessment and Triumph Learning.

“Dr. Hulett’s extensive background as both an experienced assessment developer and end-user affords him a unique outlook on the importance of the assessment user experience,” said Michael Wilk, VP of Marketing at Profiles International. “We appreciate his perspective on how organizations can enhance candidate sentiment and employee engagement. His views are well noted as Profiles looks to the future of talent assessment.”

Interested parties can access the report in the Profile International Research Library.

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