New Research Released on the Market Dynamics affecting HR Technology Development and Corporate Assessments

Waco, TX. September 19, 2013 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has released a new white paper titled, “Technology and Innovation in Corporate Assessment – A Cautionary Tale: An Inside Look.” The document offers a different perspective on how technology affects the development of corporate assessments.

Authored by Dr. Kurt Hulett, the white paper discusses the current state of innovation in corporate assessments, market trends affecting both technology and assessment development, and how companies can avoid selecting a substandard solutions provider.

More specifically, the document covers:
-The relationship between technology and corporate assessments development
-The market dynamics affecting development teams for tech products and corporate assessments
-The issues involved with large and small company development projects
-The approaches large companies typically take to further innovation
-The criteria that define a successful corporate assessments vendor
-How to eliminate the risk of technological advancement compromising product innovation

“Dr. Hulett did an extraordinary job examining the technology and corporate assessment environment,” said Michael Wilk, vice president, corporate marketing, Profiles International, Inc. “Hulett’s paper identifies how companies can ensure effective implementation of talent management solutions without compromising technological innovation and development.”

Interested parties can download a free, no obligation copy of the white paper at Profiles International’s website.

Dr. Kurt Hulettt received his B.S. in Public Administration with a minor in Special Education from James Madison University, his M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Virginia, as well as his Ed.D. in Administration and Supervision. He has served in education in the classroom and in an administrative capacity. A published author, Hulett has also worked as a professional in the private sector as a Senior Director of Research and Business Development and Vice President of Assessment for Pearson Assessment and Triumph Learning.

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