New software to measure, analyse & improve employee well-being (Grey Ocean Analytics, Melbourne, Australia & Zurich, Switzerland)

Grey Ocean Analytics is proud to announce the beta release of DEW- Daily Experienced Wellbeing, a customizable software solution for measuring, understanding, and improving employee wellbeing.

The DEW system is designed using findings from neuroscience, appreciative inquiry and positive psychology. This software is not designed to find problems; it is designed to find solutions. Using a multidisciplinary theoretical framework to guide positive wellbeing, DEW provides a way for employees and employers to measure what matters.

The ideal modern employee is healthy, creative, passionate, and great with soft skills and tech skills (Stocker, Jacobshagen et al. 2014). Unfortunately, most HR systems are based on designs from the industrial revolution. “The Newtonian cosmology of a mechanical universe promoted a drive to mechanise human activities at large scale,” (Molthof 2011). The industrialization of schools, health, and business has had a crippling effect on human and planetary health, relationships, creativity, and engagement (Wheatley 2006). In the quantum world, relationships are the key determiners of everything. For too long organizations have been treated like machines, rather than living things. By dropping the Newtonian vision of reality, humans can begin to find a different reality that is based on relationships and connections with the world around us (Wheatley 2006).

DEW is a quantum research-based tool to assist in measuring changes in subjective experienced wellbeing. At Grey Ocean Analytics, we believe in a better future for people, the planet, and business. We use collaborative multidisciplinary research and creativity to find solutions to global problems.

For those interested in more information about Grey Ocean Analytics, Wellbeing consultation, or the DEW Business Suite wellbeing software, please visit the Grey Ocean Analytics website or the DEW website