New Ways of Learning: CERTPOINT Systems Identifies Five Trends

Roslyn, New York, June 25, 2012 – Global learning technologies innovator CERTPOINT Systems and learning thought leader Charles Jennings, Duntroon Associates, have identified five key trends impacting the way people learn in today’s borderless world.

Comments Ara Ohanian, Chief Happiness Officer & CEO at CERTPOINT, “A new business environment has been created by the digitally connected world where change is the normal state and speed of execution is a major driver. Every year organizations respond to pressures to deliver new services and products faster and with greater levels of innovation.”

He continued, “Growth depends on collaboration within the enterprise and across the extended enterprise with suppliers, distributors, customers and even competitors. We believe commercial success depends on the ability of employees and the technologies supporting them.”

Learning trends identified by CERTPOINT Systems and Jennings include:

An organization is no longer the unique keeper of knowledge
Digital technology and its inherent transparency mean that a commercial insight is as likely to be created by a supplier, dealer or customer as by the product development team. This fuels the need for social learning, collaboration and communities.

Business-focused learning not process-focused learning
In a volatile world, knowledge remains powerful but access to the right knowledge at the right time is where the real power lies. Traditional process-led learning must transform to give employees skills to achieve business results.

Finding needles in haystacks
IDC (International Data Corporation) estimates that searching for information consumes 8.8 hours of an employee’s time each week, while analyzing information to support decisions takes an additional 8.1 hours. The ability to efficiently create, find, organize and analyze information has become vital.

Mobile learning must move forward
Support for mobile learning has become a core business requirement. The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) reported nearly 6 billion mobile subscriptions at the end of 2011. Mobile learning needs to reach beyond content delivery to provide a conduit for collaborative working and learning.

New role for learning management systems (LMS) Claire Schooley of Forrester identifies a new role for LMS: it needs to integrate informal learning tools (including social); provide Amazon-type content evaluation and rating; allow flexibility to take courses offline and on mobile devices, and provide robust tagged content search so learners can instantly find a piece of content or document.

Concludes Charles Jennings, “Underpinned by ubiquitous communications and work centered around tasks and projects, expertise is built through practice, rich conversations and shared-knowledge across ever-increasing networks of co-workers and partner organizations. This is the 21st century of the extended enterprise.”

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