New White Paper by Harrison Assessments Shows Employers How To Use Assessments To Gain Talent Management Advantages

SEATTLE — September 5, 2013 — Spending on recruiting, developing and retaining employees represents a significant portion of an organization’s budget. Multiple studies have shown the cost of a bad hire to be as much as three to four times the individual’s annual salary.

In light of this business challenge, employers increasingly rely on assessments to acquire, develop and promote the best talent. However, with this trend has come significant confusion about how to choose assessments and how to best use them to obtain a competitive advantage. A new white paper by Harrison Assessments, Making Sense of the Assessment Nonsense: A Practical Checklist for Making Smart Assessment Decisions, explains the different types and their purposes and answers these six key questions that must be considered when evaluating pre-hire and developmental assessments:

1. Is the assessment work focused and presented in a manner that builds the confidence of applicants and employees?
2. Does the assessment produce results that relate to job performance for the specific jobs?
3. Does the assessment produce an overall score enabling recruiters and line managers to make consistent and accurate employment decisions?
4. Does the assessment process measure all the important factors related to success for the job?
5. Is the assessment legal and ethical?
6. Is the assessment valid and predictive?

“Companies large and small are realizing the significant impact of using behavioral assessments on the organization’s bottom line,” said Lee Klepinger, president of Harrison Assessments, North America. “This white paper provides an objective set of considerations and simplifies the evaluation process, ultimately helping employers make better decisions and improve their talent management.”

Applying the criteria from the white paper will enable organizations to:
– identify and attract top talent;
– reduce the amount of time required for recruitment;
– predict job success much more accurately than using only interviews;
– reduce training costs;
– identify and develop behavioral competencies and core values;
– identify management behaviors that develop and retain talent;
– identify best placement for succession planning;
– reduce potential exposure to lawsuits;
– and facilitate effective teamwork.

The white paper also includes a checklist with essential factors to consider when evaluating and selecting behavioral assessments for use in pre-hire, development, and promotion of top talent.

You may download the report by visiting Harrison Assessments.

About Harrison Assessments
Harrison Assessments(TM) assists organizations worldwide in their efforts to hire, develop, promote, and retain top talent. Its unique, fully customizable, job analysis and integrated assessment technologies ensure optimum job fit and predict job success. The system effectively addresses selection, development, succession, and career planning needs to manage talent from front line to executive levels.

Lee Klepinger, President
Harrison Assessments, North America