New White Paper Details the Marketing Power of Personalized PR

CAPITOLA, Calif. / November 20, 2012 — If your press release email distribution list includes more than one person, it’s too big.

That’s the concept behind personalized PR, the subject of HR’s latest white paper, “How to Use Personalized PR to Create Big Buzz.”

Personalized PR is hyper-targeted communication with journalists, analysts and social influencers. In practice, it involves identifying targets and researching what they write about and other pertinent details about them, then using that information when communicating with and/or pitching them.

Personalized PR is nothing new. Good media relations professionals have used it for years to develop stronger relationships with journalists that result in valuable media exposure for their companies and clients. What is new is how much easier personalized PR is today, in a social world. Social media sites, blogs and online news stories have made it possible to gather far more information about journalists and other online influencers in less time. Software tools, like SocialEars, have been developed to help users find the best people for them to target and to make the personalized PR process better, simpler and even faster.

Despite this, most PR professionals still rely on mass depersonalized emails — the so-called spray-and-pray strategy. Many have tools that allow them to simply push a button and have their news sent to distribution lists of hundreds or even thousands of journalists; plus, the social world is also an instant gratification world, and few want to take the time necessary for effective personalized PR.

Personalized PR, however, is more important than ever. Because there has been a proliferation of content and so many PR professionals are sending to huge distribution lists, journalists and other targets are inundated with depersonalized emails. As a result, they appreciate the pitch that is targeted, and are much more likely to respond with interest and to write a story. Due to this, while the distribution list should still be part of PR professionals’ toolboxes, the journalists who they most want to have success with should be targeted with personalized PR.

Available for complimentary download, “How to Use Personalized PR to Create Big Buzz” is written in the easy-to-read style of a newspaper or magazine article. Readers will learn about:

• The three steps of personalized PR
• The role of “spray and pray” in today’s PR
• Specific success stories of personalized PR

Download the paper by visiting:

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