New White Paper from BenefitWerks Offers Insight on Choosing Benefits Automation Software

ORANGE PARK, Fla./February 23, 2012—HR professionals understand the benefits of automation software: improved processes, streamlined workflows, greater data integrity, major time and cost savings, and more. Determining which software is best suited to a particular organization, however, is not so clear-cut.

BenefitWerks’ new white paper was created to help companies navigate the waters of software selection. “Not Sure How to Find the Right Benefits Automation Software? These Five Rules—and a Good Benefits Broker—Will Help” guides decision-makers through a five-step process to ensure the most appropriate and beneficial software choice.

The white paper explains, among other things:

• Why the vendor’s service is just as important as their product.
• Why confusing, non-intuitive software is worse than no software.
• Why focusing solely on features and price can end up backfiring.

The white paper expands upon the benefits of automation software but cautions against the most common mistakes buyers make. It provides tips on how to comparison shop and explains why a benefits broker can be a trusted ally in the process.

“When it comes to choosing benefits automation software, making the right investment will pay for itself many times over,” said David Carter, director of BenefitWerks. “Making the wrong decision, conversely, can be disastrous both financially and in terms of adoption and productivity. We created this document to help benefits administrators make informed decisions that will help them and their constituents.”

This white paper is available for complimentary download at

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