New White Paper Helps Employers Convey the Value of International Compensation

ROCKLIN, Calif. / September 12, 2012 — U.S. companies face a constant challenge to convey the total value of a salary and benefits package to employees. But what happens when a corporation goes global? Expanding to other countries brings its own dizzying set of challenges.

A new white paper from Total Rewards Software explains how to successfully launch a global benefits communication campaign using total compensation statements. Authored by Total Rewards’ team of experts, the article reveals challenges and potential pitfalls and offers ways to manage the maze of moving parts. Included are interviews with corporate benefits executives who share their experiences in rolling out compensation statement campaigns to overseas offices.

“Like James Bond, the international compensation statement has a core mission: overcome cultural differences, convey the true value of an employer’s salary and benefits, and unify how it’s communicated from organization to employee,” said Ray O’Donnell, CEO and founder of Total Rewards Software, Inc. “HR professionals and compensation managers have learned that with strong planning and communication, there’s far more bark than bite to rolling out a global compensation campaign.”

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As companies continue to shoulder the financial burden of benefits programs, the need to communicate is greater than ever. A December 2011 ADP survey found that HR professionals believe that four in 10 employees don’t fully understand their benefit plans. The quarterly survey found that 80 percent of HR decision-makers believe employees must fully understand their benefit options—yet only about 60 percent of their workers do.

It’s not just a U.S. problem. Recently the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reported that most UK employers are wasting the money they spend on salaries and benefits by leaving employees in the dark about the true value of the total package. While a third of companies plan to increase spending on employee benefits, eight in 10 offer no financial education to help employees understand their value.

Benefit programs are generally structured the same, but the cultural differences can be mystifying. In countries such as Germany and Australia, employees engage in “salary sacrifice,” where an employee gives up the right to part of their cash remuneration in return for retirement or other non-cash benefits. In some Asian-Pacific countries, employees are entitled to a “rice allowance,” plus other allowances such as travel and lodging. Other countries present a dilemma when employees receive state-sponsored benefits, rendering irrelevant any employer-provided benefits.

“Communicating the big picture globally requires choosing the right cultural lens,” O’Donnell adds. “The task may seem daunting, but the end results are greater employee loyalty and reduced turnover. The best benefits on earth are meaningless if employees don’t know they exist.”

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