New Whitepaper Reveals How Interpersonal Skills Enhance the GROW Model

Centennial, Colo.– Dec. 14, 2011 – The TRACOM Group and InsideOut Development have released a new whitepaper on how the SOCIAL STYLE Modelsm complements the performance breakthrough coaching GROW ModelTM.
This whitepaper, “SOCIAL STYLE and GROW,” is the latest in TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Connections series. These free, downloadable whitepapers discuss popular workplace effectiveness programs and how the behavioral preferences and Versatility (similar to emotional intelligence) concepts of SOCIAL STYLE enhance their impact.

The GROW Model is a proven process that helps people coach more effectively. This simple framework helps coaches tap into the full capabilities of their people by allowing them to focus on the key things they can do to contribute to the organization’s objectives.  GROW is an acronym for a four-step process of Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward. It is constructed upon a deceptively simple insight– that breakthrough performance comes more often, not from acquiring additional knowledge, but from removing internal interference that allows the person to act on what they already know.

SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills provide coaches with a simple method for understanding people’s natural behavioral styles—both their own and that of the coaching recipient. When combined with the GROW approach, individuals can greatly enhance their coaching effectiveness. When used in conjunction, the two models result in a powerful approach for coaching and developing others.

“Integrating SOCIAL STYLE and GROW is a powerful development combination. It gives leaders and coaches the tools to flex in the moment while applying structure to conversations and problem-solving situations in order to maximize an individual’s or team’s fire and focus,” said Bob Parsons, Director of Executive Coaching Services at InsideOut Development.

Originally developed in the 1960s, SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s best-known interpersonal skills model.  TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility profiles and programs directly develop a person’s emotional intelligence (EQ) capabilities and teach them how to put those skills to use in a variety of workplace settings and job functions. 

Other titles in the SOCIAL STYLE Connections series include “SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations”; “SOCIAL STYLE and Situational Leadership II,” based on the leadership effectiveness approach popularized by Ken Blanchard; “SOCIAL STYLE and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” which discusses Patrick Lencioni’s classic leadership book; and “SOCIAL STYLE and The Extraordinary Leader.”

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For 50 years, The TRACOM Group has helped individuals and organizations improve workplace performance by building interpersonal skills, improving teamwork and developing leaders. TRACOM offers measurement-based learning models, courses, surveys, assessment tools and consulting services. Much of TRACOM’s work is based on the SOCIAL STYLE Model™, a proven model for effective leadership performance, work and personal relationships.

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