NEWS: Insala Webinar to Discuss How to Reduce Training Costs with Mentoring

DALLAS/FT. WORTH – January 7, 2014 – Insala announces its next webinar, “How to Reduce Your 2014 Training Expenses with Mentoring.” The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST. Registrants are now being accepted.

“How to Reduce Your 2014 Training Expenses with Mentoring” will be presented by Insala’s mentoring subject matter expert, Judy Corner. Ms. Corner will share insights from her more than 20 years of experience as a mentoring program consultant while discussing this timely topic.

Highlights of the webinar will include:

– A comparison of pros, cons, and ROI between mentoring and training
– Best practices for supplementing training with mentoring
– Best practices for replacing training with mentoring
– 3 brief case studies

In a 2013 survey conducted by Insala, traditional training was reported to be the most used career development method, with 78% of respondents reporting that they use it in their organizations. Traditional training was also the second most effective career development method, with 31% of respondents reporting that it is one of three most effective career development methods used in their organization.

However, mentoring was reported as the most effective career development strategy, edging out traditional training by 5%.

Corner believes that the practical application of knowledge received that mentoring allows for may be the underlying reason for this. “This isn’t to say that mentoring can necessarily replace training in all cases,” says Corner. “There are some things that you need training for, that mentoring can’t replace; and we’ll discuss that in the webinar. But when it comes to practical application of that knowledge and on the job learning, mentoring is really invaluable.”

The webinar will allow for 40 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions.

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