Announces Historical Form I-9 Conversion Services to Help Companies Avoid Federal Fines

DETROIT, April 20, 2010 — nowHIRE, a leading provider of applicant tracking systems, announced the availability of Historical Form I-9 Conversion Services. nowHIRE’s services enable companies to electronically archive large quantities of Form I-9s for quick and easy storage, search and retrieval. Additionally, the service enables companies to conduct a self-imposed “audit” of their I-9 documentation, helping them minimize liability and avoid costly mistakes and fines should they be federally audited.

nowHIRE processes between 500,000 and one million documents monthly, offering 99.9 percent accuracy of converted data. Companies that can benefit from nowHIRE’s Historical Form I-9 Conversion Services typically have large quantities of Form I-9s to archive.

Companies make hand-written paper Form I-9s available to nowHIRE for conversion. After forms are scanned, all data is manually keyed in from the scanned images using a double key verification method. The method requires that two data entry operators, independent of each other, key in the data contained on each Form I-9. As each keystroke is made, nowHIRE’s system flags any differences between data entry operators and the discrepancies between operators are immediately verified and corrected. Additionally, different portions of each scanned document are assigned to different groups of data entry operators so that no single data entry operator has access to an entire form, making the process more secure.

nowHIRE’s service also offers address verification. When an address is keyed in, it is automatically validated against a United States Postal Service database, normalized to USPS mailing standards and flagged to the company for correction if necessary. nowHIRE is capable of confirming more than 145 million physical mail delivery points across the Unites States and its territories.

If any incomplete or incorrect information is flagged on the original paper Form I-9s, a data file is made available to the client company for completion of a new Form I-9 or correction to the old Form I-9.

Once the conversion process of hand-written Form I-9s is completed, nowHIRE delivers an easy-to-search and -store electronic CVS file of the Form I-9 data, as well as the related scanned images and any supporting documentation. Companies no longer need to search through mountains of paper to retrieve a form, as they can simply access the data using the CVS file.

“nowHIRE’s system can help companies get one step closer to federal compliance and avoid costly fines if audited,” said Clark Hill’s Michael P. Nowlan. “I have found that electronic systems for storing and verifying work authorization help minimize the errors that we see with I-9 forms and frequently help deal with the turnover in HR staff and management.”

For added benefit, the electronic I-9 data can be uploaded into nowHIRE’s I-9 Comply and E-Verify system for tracking work authorizations and retention dates, furthering efforts to remain compliant. For a completely paperless system, once the forms are uploaded into the system, paper Form I-9s no longer need to be kept.

The I-9 Compliance and E-Verify Programs from nowHIRE integrate with the federal government’s E-Verify program and enable organizations to directly submit data in batches to the federal E-Verify system. nowHIRE is a federally approved Designated Agent, and nowHIRE’s E-Verify Program is a government-certified program.

“nowHIRE has been at the forefront of the U.S. government’s increased enforcement of employment eligibility,” said Joseph N. Impastato, II, nowHIRE’s president and chief executive officer. “Historical Form I-9 Conversion Services is a natural extension of our paperless I-9 and E-Verify compliance technologies that will help companies get their house in order.”

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