OCI Changes Name to Optis, Revitalizes Brand

DENVER, Colo. (Oct. 2, 2012) — OCI, a leading provider of people data services and cloud software solutions, announced that the company is changing its company name to Optis. Along with this change, the firm is also updating its look and feel to reflect the company’s vibrant new image.

“Our customers continue to tell us how dependent they are on our firm’s ability and experience to help them aggregate and organize their people data into usable business intelligence output that is sophisticated yet easy to use with our long-term WebOptis® technology platform and tools. Simply taking that Optis name and rebranding the company clarifies our market messaging as we continue to gain trust in helping more and more organizations leverage our expertise,” said Optis President Archie Anderson in advance of the Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition, where Optis will unveil its new company brand. The conference will take place Oct. 8-10 in Chicago, and Optis is exhibiting at the expo.

For more than twenty years, Optis has delivered data management and software services for human resources, employee benefits and property/casualty and risk management segments. The firm specializes in making all the disparate people data across an organization easy to see, control and understand.

Optis’ flexible data solutions and cloud software empower clients to manage leave events, navigate regulatory compliance and integrate all data sources in one location. Firms can alleviate the burden of manual administration, reduce risks, and get the full picture of their people data to make better business decisions.

Optis offers its customers two key solution components:

– Optis LeaveXpert provides essential leave management in an affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based portal, reducing a company’s administrative burden and compliance risk.
– Optis Data Services gives organizations full visibility across their people data to make better business decisions. Optis makes people data simple to see and easy to manage.

“The importance of harnessing the power of data to drive improved business results and workforce productivity is paramount for companies,” said Anderson. “We have simplified and improved our brand image, message and promise in order to help companies take advantage of our specific people data expertise.”

As part of the launch of the Optis brand, the company announced a new logo and website. The fresh look reflects the evolving technology industry and Optis’ future in providing excellence in people data management services.

“Our many long-term customers have been able to gain greater visibility into their people-driven benefit and absence experience, and have become more productive in administrative processes by engaging Optis,” said Anderson. “And, we want to drive greater opportunities for more companies to realize potential in the use of their people data.”

About Optis

For your employees, life happens, benefits are used and data is born. But without visibility and access to all of your workforce data, it’s only a matter of time before you lose control — and lose compliance.

Optis makes your disparate people data easy to see, control and understand. Our flexible data solutions and cloud-based software empower your organization to manage leave events, navigate regulatory compliance and integrate all of your data sources. Alleviate the burden of manual administration, reduce risks, get the full picture of your people data and make better business decisions.

Don’t get blindsided by the data you can’t see.

Optis. Illuminate Your People Data.