OCI Unveils Multiple Versions of Leave Management System

Denver, Colorado – December 7, 2011 – OCI, a data integration and software services provider, announced today that its leave management system, LeaveXpert, is now offered in two versions: Compliance and Enterprise.  OCI’s LeaveXpert integrates various types of HR, claims and leave data into a single web-based application to improve legal compliance and yield a high return on investment in your HR department. 

“Organizations are continuously evolving and most companies do not fit into a ‘one-size fits all’ solution,” says Archie Anderson, President of OCI. “In response to our customers’ ever-changing needs, we’ve developed two versions of LeaveXpert to provide effective leave management regardless of a company’s size, number of leaves, or absence policies.” 

Both versions of OCI’s LeaveXpert provide improved legal compliance and increased administrative productivity, but the new offerings now allow you to select an FMLA administration and tracking tool or a total absence management solution.

LeaveXpert Compliance provides tracking and management of all state and federal FMLA policies. System generated alerts, task management, and correspondence tools provide effective communication of time-sensitive information and direct leave specialist activities to remain compliant with company-specific policies and legal requirements.

LeaveXpert Enterprise offers all of the functionality of Compliance and provides the added benefit of integrating additional leave types. It also offers additional reporting capabilities that measure the direct and indirect costs of absence including disability, FMLA, workers’ compensation, sick leave, state leaves, and company-specific absences.

For more information on both versions of OCI’s LeaveXpert, please visit www.oci.com/LeaveXpert or call (800) 678-6613.


About OCI – OCI is a data integration and software services provider that helps companies make better-informed decisions about their risk management, employee benefit, and technology dependent programs. www.oci.com