Ohio State Head Football Coach Search Gets Professional Recruiting Assistance

Larkspur, CA — June 2, 2011 — Accolo, Inc., the leading Cloud Recruiting company, today announced that it has voluntarily initiated a search for the next Head Coach for Ohio State’s football team for the 2012 season.

In an unprecedented move, Accolo is unofficially supporting the effort to find the next Ohio State Head Football Coach in the spirit of fairness and accountability, especially for the NCAA and Michigan fans.

“Buckeye fans worldwide value winning over everything else, and finding a head coach who can deliver another national championship is a top priority.” said John Younger, Accolo’s Founder and CEO. “As a University of Notre Dame graduate, I have personally experienced the pain associated with finding a new head football coach many, many times and feel for every member of the Buckeye nation. It’s highly likely that this entire issue with NCAA compliance was engineered by Michigan fans trying to level the playing field. In spite of the outstanding NCAA investigation, we remain confident and optimistic that we can help identify a great head coach.”

“I was stunned and amazed that Ohio State memorabilia would be worth anything to anyone.” expressed a prominent Michigan graduate who chose to remain anonymous. “Washing anything with one of their red jerseys is a nightmare, unless you really like wearing pink!”

The tattoo and auto industry in the greater Columbus area are highly supportive of the search for the next Ohio State head coach, and look forward to personalized consultations with the new coach as part of the recruiting process.

Serious and qualified candidates will be forwarded to the Athletic Director, really.

The job description and online interview questions are below. To apply, refer or learn more, please go to: www.accolo.com/buckeyenation

About Accolo

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Accolo’s innovative Cloud Recruiting also provides recruiting capacity on demand via the Accolo Hiring Consultant network comprised of certified recruiters with the most relevant industry, functional and geographic experience as measured by hiring manager satisfaction and hiring performance metrics.

Accolo is acknowledged as the leading On-demand Recruitment Process Outsourcer (RPO) and is a founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association.

For more information, visit www.Accolo.com

Ohio State Football Head Coach – Win More…Tattoo Less

You are a great coach. Now it’s your turn to lead one of the most successful college football programs in the history of the sport. With seven (7) National Championship titles and thirty six (36) Big Ten Conference Championship titles, leading the Buckeyes will be the crowning achievement to your stellar football coaching career.

Fans love you, players respect you and competitors fear you. Your championships, your college and professional team victories define you, and now it’s time to make your lasting mark on the sport you love. From its inauspicious beginning in 1890 when Ohio State’s first football team lost its first home game to University of Wooster, it grew to be a powerhouse in 1935 when the squad went 7-1, with its sole loss to Notre Dame.

As the Ohio State Head Coach, not only will you lead the team to victory and fully comply with all NCAA rules even when they do not make sense, you will carry on the rich traditions of the program. Watching the seniors push the blocking sled around the field for Senior Tackle before the Michigan game, winning the wooden turtle trophy and handing out miniature pairs of golden football pants are only a few of the events that you will lead. Perhaps you can be the first coach to participate in the newest Ohio State football tradition, the victory tattoo.

Based on your experience as an NFL or college football coach, you know the details of this job well. Your proven ability to recruit top players, direct all aspects of training, select and manage the coaching staff, get the most out of the media, make the hard decisions on the field, oversee the budget and work as an integral member of the athletic department make you a star in any organization. Best of all, enjoy the ambiance and magic of Mirror Lake in the spring and the horseshoe in the fall. Your enthusiasm and conviction are palpable, and Ohio State needs you!

Ohio State offers competitive salary and benefits. In addition to completing this application, the selection process includes being reviewed and selected by the Athletic Director and other members of the interview team.

Accolo is UNOFFICIALLY supporting the effort to fill this job in the spirit of teamwork. Buckeye alumni and friends value choice and opportunity, so this is your chance to be considered even if you are not currently known to the university or athletic department. Serious candidates will be forwarded to the Athletic Director.

To apply, refer or learn more go to: http://www.accolo.com/buckeyenation

Online Interview Questions:

1. I own the following number of sweater vests:
– 6 or more
– 4 to 5
– 2 to 3
– 1, and I got it by being the first person to get a tattoo in my dorm

2. Who said the following: “I’m really happy for Coach Cooper and the guys who’ve been around here for six or seven years, especially our seniors.”?
– Bob Hoying, Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback
– Jim O’Brien, Ohio State University’s fired men’s basketball coach
– Archie Griffin, Ohio State Heisman Trophy winner
– Woody Hayes, Ohio State Coach

3. I have the following number of tattoos on my body:
– None, but have connections for a great discount.
– 1
– 2 to 4
– 5 to 7
– Over 7

4. In relation to Ohio State, Alexander Lilley is/was:
– The team’s current NCAA compliance officer
– Owner of Bubba’s Tattoo Parlor and the team’s biggest fan
– The first Ohio State Head coach
– Fullback for the 2002 National Championship team
– The 2009 waterboy

5. Michigan has beaten Ohio State the following number of times in the past ten years:
– 5, as this has been a very even rivalry
– 0, and that was because Ohio State sent their practice squad
– 1, and one loss was due to poor officiating
– 10, because I am a Michigan fan and Ohio state had to be cheating

6. The United States currency is based on:
– The Gold standard
– 371.25 grains of standard silver
– The Goldman standard
– The value of a Spanish milled dollar
– Ohio State Buckeye autographed memorabilia
– Whatever the Federal Reserve decides

7. The Big10 refers to:
– A group of large universities, located chiefly in the Midwest, forming a league for intercollegiate sports
– The most highly rated tattoo parlors in the Columbus area
– Aerosmith’s song, “Big Ten Inch Record”
– The last ten years of playing Michigan

8. “3 yards and a cloud of dust” refers to:
– The distance between rows of corn on an Ohio farm
– The OSU offense without Terrelle Pryor
– Woody Hayes traditional offensive scheme
– What you see behind a used car driven by an OSU football player

9. I have been on the coaching staff for a professional football team the following number of times:
– I have not been on the coaching staff for a professional team
– 1
– 2 to 3
– 4+

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