Open Standards Consortium Announces Approved 4.1 HR-JSON Standards

HR Open Standards Consortium announces the approved release of the 4.1 data exchange specifications. This release includes JSON specifications for: Assessments, Benefits, Compensation, Interviewing, Recruiting, Screening, Timecard, and Wellness schemas.

Jason Sole from Direct Employers states, “This is an exciting time for HR Open Standards! For the last 18 months, dozens of volunteers from across the world, representing experts in many different domains of the HR Industry, have been working with dedication to build an industry leading standard. The 4.1 release is a full conversion of our XML standard to JSON and represents a step into the future. Leading with a simpler and easier to understand structure, the JSON standard is designed to easily integrate into the software development process. 4.1 solves both the need of data transfer across systems, and ease of use by the people who work with it.”

All of the standards may be downloaded and the documentation viewed online at To learn about all of our standards and to download free suites of HR-XML and HR-JSON data exchange standards please visit the HR Open Standards website. Read more about two of the specifications highlighted below:

4.1 JSON Interview Specification
Interviews are typically associated with the hiring process; however, they actually cross the entire lifecycle of an employee or worker. For instance, interviews might be held during performance reviews or for training and e-learning purposes. Standardizing the data exchanged between systems during the interview process would increase productivity, improve the interviewees experience, and reduce data errors. The 4.1 Interviewing specification includes instructions on how to take the interview, questions to ask during the interview, and how to process the results. The project team continues to develop the standard, focusing on scheduling for the next phase.

4.1 JSON Screening Specification
The 4.1 JSON screening specification supports searches of criminal records, education, employment, military service, professional licenses, professional sanctions, credit, and other screenings. Employers may conduct screenings when applicants are first offered employment or conduct periodic or random screenings of employees. This standard will improve integrations between Consumer Reporting Agencies, Applicant Tracking Systems, Aggregators, Retailers, and other trading partners. The team continues to define the JSON screening results.

The 4.1 JSON schemas have been approved by the HR Open Standards Consortium membership. 4.1 XSD Specifications will be released at a later date. Please direct any comments about this 4.1 JSON release to To participate in ongoing projects, contact

About the HR Open Standards Consortium

Founded in 1999 as the HR-XML Consortium, HR Open Standards is dedicated to the development and promotion of common specifications that simplify human resources-related data exchanges. Our standards are free, current global HR vocabularies developed in a transparent, collaborative, consensus-based environment open to all HR professionals and organizations.

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Kim Bartkus, Executive Director
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