OPENonline White Paper Outlines Hiring Requirements for Employers in the Health Care Industry

Columbus, OH – OPENonline, an industry leading provider of employment background checks, health care screening, drug testing, electronic Form I-9/E-Verify solutions and investigative services, announces the release of their new White Paper outlining requirements and compliance best practices for background screening in the health care industry. Obtaining a Culture of Compliance: Navigating Complex Background Screening Requirements in the Health Care Industry, identifies major trends and best practices when it comes to compliant employment screening in the health care industry. In addition, the White Paper examines the gaps in federal legislation for screening home health aides (HHAs) and reviews state-by-state requirements.

“We understand that patient safety is the top priority for recruiters in the health care industry,” said Heather Browning, Executive Vice President of OPENonline. “Our White Paper is a tool for recruiters and compliance offers to stay up-to-date on the current laws and regulations.”

The White Paper will review the recently released report from HHS-OIG federal investigators- State Requirements for Conducting Background Checks on Home Health Agency Employee – regarding HHAs employment of individuals with criminal convictions. The purpose of the report was to identify State background check requirements for home health agencies. Research found that of the 50 States and the District of Columbia, 41 States require HHAs to conduct background checks on prospective employees. Of the 10 States that have no background check requirement, four States reported that they have plans to implement background check requirements in the future. Thirty-five states specify convictions that disqualify individuals from employment, and 16 states allow an individual who has been disqualified from employment to submit an application to have his/her conviction(s) waived.

The White Paper will cover the following topics: (1) Health Care Headlines; (2) Health Care FAQ’s; (3) HHA Trends; (4) Current Health Care Background Screening Laws; (5) Compliance Best Practices and Solutions. Get your complimentary copy of OPENonline’s White Paper, Obtaining a Culture of Compliance: Navigating Complex Background Screening Requirements in the Health Care Industry »

About SelectCare by OPENonline
OPENonline understands that patient safety is a top priority for human resources and security professionals in the health care industry. Regulations and increased litigation in the industry emphasize the need for a thorough background check. By utilizing OPENonline’s SelectCare, organizations within the health care industry can count on OPENonline to protect their reputation and ensure the safety of staff and patients by uncovering high-risk or sanctioned individuals early in the pre-employment background screening process.

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