Optis Extends Leadership in Assisting Health Care Employers in Managing Employee Absence

DENVER, Colo. (October 15, 2014) – Optis, a leading provider of people data services and cloud software solutions extends their leadership in helping health care employers manage employee absence with Optis’ cloud-based solution, LeaveXpert. Most recently, Optis’ new hospital clients include Wyoming based West Park Hospital, and another hospital located in Illinois. Optis also implemented LeaveXpert with COBRA Administration & Health Services, Inc., based in Rhode Island and another health care services provider, located in California, this year.

New reporting requirements stemming from The Affordable Care Act and the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, a program requiring the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to reduce payments to certain hospitals based on readmission rates, has left hospitals across the U.S. with an immediate need to ensure departments are properly staffed and the needed resources are in place to run successfully each day.

LeaveXpert provides an alternative to health care and employer organizations that are using a manual process to track family and medical employee leave, monitor State leave laws, and manage the return-to-work process. LeaveXpert’s cloud-based model alleviates administrative burden and centralizes absence management programs, giving organizations a big picture view of their absence state to staff accordingly, reduce lost workforce productivity and identify the root causes of absence. LeaveXpert is offered in three editions, Essential, Plus and Unlimited. The hospital employers purchased the Essential edition, COBRA Administration & Health Services, Inc. purchased a multi-client configured solution, and the other health care services provider purchased the Unlimited edition, which includes a Self Service Portal for leave intake.

“Health care employers and HR teams across the U.S. are essentially having to do more with less and are facing stringent reporting requirements,” said Optis President, Archie Anderson. “While this scenario has been the case for many departments, there has been an increase in the complexity of managing employee leave due to the rise in the amount of leave types mandated by each State. Mismanaging employee leave can be extremely costly for an organization, and departments need to be properly staffed. We’re seeing more and more health care employers realize that using a manual process isn’t a sustainable option anymore, and take the leap in improving their absence management programs with LeaveXpert.”

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