OrcaEyes Introduces SonarVision Enterprise 3.0 Workforce Planning and Analytics

Users gain a new perspective on their workforce and benefit from enhanced forecasting and planning capabilities

Austin, Texas—OrcaEyes, the leader in workforce planning and analytics solutions, announces the release of SonarVision Enterprise 3.0. Designed around the sophisticated needs of our users, SonarVision Enterprise 3.0 delivers comprehensive tools for analyzing historic and future talent trends, understanding the driving factors behind those trends and then helping leaders optimize their talent strategies.

This new system—built from the ground up using the most innovative technology and sophisticated analytics—is providing clients a view into their workforce in ways they’ve never before been able to see. From basic headcount breakdowns to sophisticated workforce gap modeling and financial impact, the system helps HR and business leaders gain awareness around dynamics affecting their workforce, diagnose problem areas, and then easily plan, monitor and report on improvements.

SonarVision Enterprise 3.0 features:
• Best-of-breed, integrated workforce planning, analytics and reporting making it the industry’s first comprehensive Strategic Human Capital Management system;
• Robust analytic capability for determining exactly where, when and why factors like turnover, retirement and workforce gaps are affecting the company;
• Enhanced dashboards and reports to streamline the way important data points are shared throughout the organization;
• Greater diagnostic tools revealing potential problem areas quickly and effectively; and
• Sophisticated demand forecasting and scenario planning functions to help business leaders ensure the workforce is prepared for the changing demands of the business.

Predictive analytics has become the foundation of effective workforce management and is a key component of workforce planning. OrcaEyes has taken a giant leap forward in the way its SonarVision Enterprise software delivers these analytics to businesses and professionals both inside and outside of the human resources discipline. By delivering a system that pairs the ability to slice and dice data in many different ways with built in analytics, algorithms, and sophisticated reporting, organizations have the tools they need to know what programs, when implemented, will have the biggest impact on the company’s bottom line.

“For 25 years in emerging markets, the defining standard for delivering mature, enterprise technology that drives mass adoption is the release of a third-generation product. Based on client and market feedback, we made the difficult and costly decision a year ago to completely rewrite the product suite from the database level up for the third time, while nearly all competing offerings remain on their first generation technology platform,” said Dan Hilbert, CEO of OrcaEyes. “For customers and the market, this release is the first strategic planning and analytics offering to deliver the true scalability, user configuration, security and functionality to meet the rigorous requirements of forward-thinking Human Resources, business and IT leadership in major enterprises.”

The introduction of advanced analytics and reporting paired with the ability to display benchmarks in a single solution uniquely positions OrcaEyes to offer customers a total Strategic Human Capital Management (“HCM”) solution.

“Since the release of SVE3, OrcaEyes has achieved unprecedented success in competitive trials,” added Hilbert. “And as CEO I have to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the OrcaEyes team in their professionalism and dedication to meeting the needs of our clients.”

OrcaEyes has been delivering software solutions for workforce planning and analytics since 2007, providing clients in Human Resources and Operational leadership with best practices for optimizing the use, engagement and productivity of the workforce throughout the organization. The company’s latest software release contains the tools businesses need to prepare for pending talent shortages, retirements and business changes, so organizational productivity and performance is not hindered by changes in the workforce.

About OrcaEyes
OrcaEyes was founded in 2007 with a focus on providing valuable and innovative tools to companies looking to increase operational performance by way of the workforce. The Austin-based company is leading the charge in helping Human Resources translate human capital management into the language of business. For more information about OrcaEyes and its products, visit our website at http://www.orcaeyes.com.