Parse Scanned Resumes With RChilli OCR Technology

Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs in various formats daily, but most of them are not always readable or searchable. A significant chunk for recruiters is the scanned resumes which are a challenge for recruiters. 
What would recruiters do in such a situation?

They have two options:

The first option is to make a manual scan for all the resumes they receive. But what would happen if they are in the hundreds? I believe it is not a smart idea to work all day on resume scanning.

And the second one is that they can leverage a unique tool that converts the PDF document into any required editable formats. This saves their valuable time and effort.

Don’t you think most of us would choose the second option?

The tool that converts the various format documents (scanned copies, images, pdf-files, etc.) into an editable and searchable format is called OCR or Optical Character Recognition.

Recently RChilli has included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the printed document and digitize the whole text with its resume parser. It is an add-on process.

So the question here is how RChilli makes this information extraction process smarter and simpler with OCR?

Below are a few steps to enable OCR Scanned Resume Parser:

1) Log in to RChilli MyAccount.

    1. Go to the Plan tab on top of the page.

3) Scroll down on the plan page to see the available Add-ons.

4) On selecting the OCR Parsing add-on, you will see the Alert, to which you have to select Yes.

Advantages of OCR Based Parsing

    • Any format resumes can be scanned and will remove the fear of missing out on candidates.
    • Recruiters can set criteria for the job opening, and applicants not matching those can be filtered out quickly and automatically.
    • Manual hours will be saved for the recruiter to cater to potential candidates better.
    • Organizations can track the quality of applicants over time. So that recruiters can generate analytics on candidates.

RChilli strives to build an intelligent solution that will help organizations from every discipline to recruit smarter, faster, and easier. Still, have questions? Visit us and know more about this add-on.

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