PDP Announces Unique Business Approach for Independent Insurance Agencies; Forms Initial Partnership with United Valley Insurance Services of California

Tampa, FL – November 18, 2011 – Payroll Data Processing (PDP) announced today that it has finalized its partnership with United Valley Insurance Services of California. The agreement between the parties calls for PDP to make its HR outsourcing services available to over 70 independent insurance agencies and their clients in California, as a result of their membership in United Valley Insurance Services, Inc.

PDP’s president, David Volpi, explains an ongoing business challenge for independent insurance agents. “In recent years, the national payroll service bureaus have become much more aggressive at selling additional products and services within accounts which they have already penetrated with their payroll services solutions. In most cases, they are leading with insurance products such as worker’s compensation insurance. When the national payroll firms are successful, independent insurance agents often lose their broker of record relationships with their clients, and critical income with it.”

PDP offers independent brokers an alternative to protect their book of business. By promoting PDP early and replacing the national payroll services bureaus in their accounts, independent agents can protect their book and be confident the payroll processing provider in their account is an ally. When necessary, PDP can handle all employee and employer-related administrative activities and compliance concerns as a single source HR outsourcing provider.

Volpi continues, “Business challenges often present unique business opportunities. Yet partnering with just another payroll provider is certainly not different for insurance agents. What distinguishes PDP is our approach – we understand that insurance agents and brokers want to provide the best possible HR services to their clients, but at the same time want to eliminate introducing solution providers to their accounts that may become competitors later. Our approach solves this anxiety. PDP first agrees to a contractual relationship with insurance agencies or clusters that is exclusive, is specific concerning HR services included, and most importantly, provides agents control through ownership. The parties contractually agree to complement each other and never compete. Then, when the insurance agent introduces PDP and our personnel into their account, they can rest assured in the outcome.”

Mike McCreary, president of United Valley Insurance Services said, “Our team spent considerable time researching payroll solutions for our member agents and their clients.  We chose to partner with PDP because of their expertise and long-term commitment to keep focused on what they do best, providing payroll and HR services.  They leave the insurance to us.”

“Today we want to welcome United Valley and it’s over 70 independent agents on board. We trust that with this superior approach to servicing clients in your bag, you will look back and agree today is a significant milestone.  Mike McCreary and his team are committed to bringing your organization exclusive marketing programs of great value – we believe the PDP program is certainly that,” Volpi said.

About United Valley Insurance Services, Inc.
United Valley Insurance Services is a cluster of independent insurance agencies in operation since November, 1983, making it one of the longest operating insurance agency member organizations in the business. United Valley is an organization representing over 70 highly professional independent agencies in California. They provide their members with leading edge technology, high quality programs and exclusive marketing and risk management services, helping members to provide their clients with best-in-class insurance products and services.  For more information about United Valley visit www.unitedvalley.com.

About PDP
Payroll Data Processing (PDP) is a human resources outsourcing service company designed exclusively to respond to the specific business challenges of independent insurance agencies and their clients. They handle all employer-related administrative activities so that you and your clients can focus on managing your businesses. PDP’s professionals work side by side with leading insurance agencies in local markets to offer their clients a host of insurance programs that solve their business concerns and deliver exceptional value.
Payroll Data Processing can handle all of a company’s employer and employee administrative and compliance needs. Our professional staff partners with the country’s premier insurance agencies, such as United Valley Insurance Services, to provide clients with human resources expertise, payroll and tax filing services and pay-as-you-go insurance programs, including: 
– Payroll Processing and Administration
– Tax Filing for all your Federal, State and Local needs
– Workers’ Compensation Insurance and an array of employer and employee insurance programs on our pay-as-you-go remittance program
– Employee Benefit Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, HSAs and more
– Benefit Administration, employee self-service technology
– Human Resources expertise on call, when you need it and how you want it
For more information about Payroll Data Processing visit www.payrolldataprocessing.com.

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