Performance Management System Helps Multi-Location Businesses Stay on Track

Strategic alignment is key to success in any business, and BLOOM® performance management system helps multi-branch businesses organize goals, roles and employees so that the company can perform at its peak.

Because organizations in the financial, fitness, hospitality and healthcare industries often manage employees across multiple locations, they in particular can benefit from the efficiencies achieved through talent management systems.

Web-based systems like BLOOM allow multi-user access anytime, anywhere. Such a unified system means that everyone in the organization has access to reliable information that is displayed in a consistent format. HR is able to develop, implement and maintain consistent procedures and workflow processes across the organization. Email notifications keep everyone on track with ease so that employees, managers and HR stay on top of deadlines and due dates.

Shelley Moore is the founder BLOOM, a web-based performance management system geared toward small- to mid-sized businesses. She has successfully implemented BLOOM in several multi-location organizations and brings her human resources expertise to every client.

“Experience in the HR field has shown me the potential and realized benefits of a talent management system,” she says, “and it has also shown me where these systems fall short: complexity and implementation.”

The systems fail, she says, because software in and of itself is not enough. It must be supported by education and training that enable managers and human resources personnel to truly understand the underlying purpose and value. Moreover, she says, it must be easy to use. She designed BLOOM with simplicity in mind. That simplicity coupled with Moore’s HR consulting services gives BLOOM two distinct advantages over other talent management systems: lower pricing and expert support.

A tiered pricing structure provides smaller companies the opportunity to implement a performance management system that adds to their bottom line without breaking the bank and larger companies benefit from the economy of scale.

“When you have employees in more than one location, it’s easy to lose sight of how each individual contributes to the organization’s success,” says Moore. “Lose sight long enough, and your organization can quickly go from the top of its game to the bottom of the heap.”

BLOOM enables managers to track employee progress and HR to identify top performers and transition them into strategic roles. And that, says Moore, keeps the organization moving toward its strategic goals.

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