Pierpoint Introduces Recruitment Resource Outsourcing (“RRO”) To Accelerate the Recruitment Timeline

Recruiting experts, Pierpoint International (“Pierpoint”), have unveiled a new, rapid-response recruitment strategy, to accelerate the recruitment timeline. This evolutionary recruitment model is called RRO (Recruitment Resource Outsourcing) and RRO can dramatically impact a company’s hiring timeline and onboarding of talent.

At it’s core, Pierpoint is offering Clients a ready-now, expert recruitment team, prepared with a robust talent pipeline to identify immediate talent needs and begin recruiting on day one. This team commences the planning and roll-out of a sustainable recruitment outsourcing program aimed at long-term growth while simultaneously focusing on filling hard-to-fill positions to get talent in your door as the immediate priority. The ramp-up time is significantly reduced; talent is identified and retained, and onboarding begins an average of 3-6 months sooner than with traditional RPO platforms.

The Pierpoint team has been cultivating this program and offers the following metrics:

  • Recruiters have an average of 12+ years of experience, particularly in the high-tech, healthcare, and med-tech sectors, which boast some of the more tough-to-fill, specialized roles where knowledge workers are in highest demand.
  • Pierpoint averages 14-20 days to identify the winning candidate with interviews taking place.
  • The RRO team fills complex roles within 30-45 days compared to an industry average of 60 days.
  • In an industry where the provider-client relationship tenure is approximately 2 years, Pierpoint’s customer retention rate is 94% with most relationships spanning 10 or more years.

As the challenge to secure talent faster than the organization next door continues to grow, the RRO model is an option to explore to speed up the recruitment process.  This solution can also be combined with a number of  other offerings, such as hourly recruiter rentals, a hybrid container model for contingency and retained search, and specialty hire programs via a diverse team of recruiters that can support any organizations’ needs in virtually any geography in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.

“The Pierpoint business model could be a welcome change to entering into lengthy implementation, added costs, and convoluted provider contracts with traditional RPOs,” said Miguel Terrizzano, CEO of Pierpoint. “In most cases, Pierpoint’s RRO is the way to go for talent ramp up and commitment flexibility when companies have an immediate need that will impact their key strategic deliverables such as product launches and capturing revenue opportunities from the competition.”

“For HR professionals and hiring managers who are seeking outside help to source and recruit talent, some of the biggest challenges faced in the process relate to time – the time it takes to select the right recruitment provider; the time to unveil a new recruitment procedure; and the time it takes to finally fill the hardest-to-fill positions, explains Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise and HRO Today.  “While a traditional recruitment process outsourcing program serves as an optimal solution, in some situations, there may be a more immediate need to be addressed.”


About Pierpoint

Pierpoint is the premier provider of RPO and workforce solutions for professional and leadership positions, particularly highly technical and highly skilled talent.  Founded in 2004 by CEO, Miguel Terrizzano, Pierpoint is a global, privately owned company with 250 employees worldwide. Pierpoint works with many Fortune 500 companies and specializes on Midsize clients. Their service models offer experienced subject matter experts specializing in various industries and verticals, an advanced technology solutions to amplify sourcing capabilities and enrich reporting, and simplify the recruitment process. Pierpoint offers End-to-End RPO, Recruiting On-Demand, Hourly Sourcing/Recruiting, Project Based RPO, Contained Search, Partial Cycle, VSP/ MSP and Payrolling, HR and Tech-Stack Consulting.