Pioneering Change Agent John Kotter Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

(New York, New York, September 5, 2018) – John Paul Kotter, Professor Emeritus of Leadership at Harvard Business School and Founder and Chairman of Kotter International will receive the prestigious Best Practice Institute Lifetime Achievement Award on Thursday, November 29 at BPI’s Senior Executive Board meeting in Cambridge, MA at Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Louis Carter, Founder and CEO of Best Practice Institute, says, “We chose John because of his incredible contribution to the field of change management – and the development of a change process that has forever transformed the way we think, act, and excel at making critical changes happen in our world’s best organizations.”

John P. Kotter graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 1968 and a Master of Science in Management in 1970. Kotter then completed his Doctor of Business Administration in 1972 at Harvard Business School and was immediately appointed to its faculty.

Author of 20 bestsellers, Kotter is the reigning management thought leader, business entrepreneur, and expert on mobilizing people to better lead organizations in an era of increasingly rapid change.

“John Kotter is a legend in the field of change. It is no surprise to me that he was chosen for BPI’s highest honor of Lifetime Achievement Award. His process for change management has helped shape the direction of the field of change management – especially for the complex systems of our Senior Executive Board organizations.”, says Brian Fishel, CHRO of KeyBank and Co-Chair of BPI’s Senior Executive Board.

Among Kotter’s works, Leading Change introduced his eight-step process for managing change with positive results. His Our Iceberg is Melting used a fable dealing with the needs of a group of Empire Penguins to survive a catastrophic future to teach how to handle the fear of change and motivate people to face the future and act. And, his oft-quoted “Accelerate” taught, “The game is all about vision, opportunity, agility, inspired action, and celebration–not project management, budget reviews, reporting relationships, compensation, and accountability to a plan.”

“I am honored and delighted to be receiving this award from Best Practice Institute.” Says John Kotter “BPI’s dedication to research, thought leadership, collaboration, and application back on the job is very important for all of us–and certainly makes this honor all the more meaningful and appreciated by me.”

John Kotter joins Frances Hesselbein, Warren Bennis, Warner Burke, and Edgar Schein as recipients of BPI’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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