Pre-Employment Assessment Solutions Provider, Profiles International, Launches New QuickCheck(TM) Assessment Solution

Waco, TX. November 11, 2013 – Pre-employment assessment solutions provider, Profiles International, has released its new “QuickCheck(TM)” assessment solution. The QuickCheck assessment helps recruiters, hiring managers, and business leaders evaluate job applicants for high-volume, high turnover positions quickly and economically.

Most businesses rely on high-volume positions to build, sell or maintain products to generate profits. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total U.S. workforce over age 16 is comprised of approximately 153 million people. Of this number, an estimated 60 percent are paid on an hourly basis.

In addition, average turnover in the hourly sector approaches 60 to 70 percent annually. This figure can rise even higher in industries such as call centers, manufacturing, restaurants and hotels.

As a result, hiring managers are challenged to fill high-volume positions as fast as possible and at the lowest cost. The QuickCheck assessment provides a tool that helps managers attract and identify workers from a pool of candidates who meet basic pre-employment requisites.

QuickCheck objectively measures a candidate’s reasoning ability, productivity, people relations and objective judgment against the organization’s established guidelines. It helps improve hiring efficiency, effectiveness and consistency for positions that attract a large number of applicants.

“QuickCheck helps organizations strike the right balance of cost per hire, candidate quality and cycle-time-to-fill for high-volume positions,” said Michael Wilk, vice president, corporate marketing, Profiles International. “With QuickCheck, hiring managers can make the right hire the first time, every time.”

For more information or a complimentary demo, interested parties can visit the company’s website.

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