Press release: Logging on to lose weight works, according to new study

DALLAS — Oct. 22, 2012 — Which is more effective for weight loss, an online membership to a program or traditional face-to-face, weekly-meeting approach? According to a new study published in The Journal of American Medical Association, they’re almost equal.

The analysis, which was performed by the Cochrane Collaboration, looked at 14 weight-loss studies with 2,537 members, and four weight-maintenance studies with 1,603 participants. While face-to-face programs were revealed to have slightly better results, the authors of the study noted that the numbers were so similar that the clinical significance was unclear: “The findings of this review demonstrate that computer-based interventions have a positive effect on short-term weight loss and short-term weight loss maintenance.”

The study also noted that cost, logistical challenges and other factors limit the availability of group membership. And as more and more companies allow employees to work remotely and to choose flexible work patterns, the traditional method of face-to-face membership — at a fixed time once a week — isn’t a good solution for everyone anymore.

So the better option for many is to log on to lose weight. Thanks to advances in technology, online programs are much more advanced today, offering food diaries, personal support from consultants and other members via forums and social media platforms, progress charts, a plethora of recipes and regular messages and updates. Things are made even more flexible with the development of personal smartphones.

Slimming World, the UK’s largest independent weight-loss company that is now available online in the US. For more than four decades Slimming World has been helping people to successfully lose weight in Britain. Over the years it has developed a sound, evidence based eating plan based on the science of satiety, underpinned by a deep understanding of the psychological and emotional issues felt by those who struggle with their weight. The program is based on support that helps people to lose weight and change their behaviour to keep it off in the long term. The weight loss company recently released data about its partnership with the employees at Heritage Auctions, the third largest auction house in the world. After the first 12 weeks of onsite and online support, 51 employees had lost 1,326 pounds, and 75 percent of employees had lost 6 percent of their body weight. Morale has improved, and the company’s obesity-related issues overall have decreased significantly.

“Employees have been very pleased with their weight loss results and the ease of Slimming World’s plan…and their co-workers are taking notice,” says Mindy Howard, director of human resources at Heritage Auctions. “We’re excited about the difference our partnership with Slimming World is making to the lives of our employees.”

About Slimming World
Slimming World is Britain’s largest and most advanced weight loss organization. It was founded in 1969 to offer people a very different approach to weight loss: a hunger-busting healthy eating plan based on the science of satiety and energy density, an activity program to suit individual needs and preferences, and support that offers compassion, empathy and understanding. Slimming World has a deep understanding of the emotional, physical and psychological challenges faced by overweight people, and this understanding underscores the company’s philosophy and methods. In more than four decades, Slimming World has helped millions of people to lose weight and live healthier, happier lives.

How can Slimming World help?
More and more employers are using Slimming World Online as a voluntary employee benefit to help reduce obesity in the workplace and reduce absenteeism and ill-health by promoting a healthier lifestyle and greater wellbeing. Online members who log on to Slimming World Online for 10 weeks out of a 12 week course lose an average of almost 6% of their body weight. Healthier, fitter employees are more productive, have fewer sick days, fewer accidents, and higher morale — that’s good news for any business!
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For further information about Slimming World Online and workplace weight loss programs, please contact Yvonne Sanders, Slimming Worlds Business Development Manager at 972-480-4319.