Profiles International Announces Local, Social Partnership with Mission Waco

Waco, TX. February 6, 2014 – Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, is proud to announce their social partnership with Mission Waco − a local non-profit organization that focuses on developing the Waco community, inspiring action, and eliminating poverty.

Profiles International has found that Mission Waco’s cause aligns perfectly with their culture, and is looking forward to helping the Waco community through its alliance with the organization.

“I am thrilled that Profiles is able to contribute in such a way to our community,” said Bud Haney, CEO of Profiles International. “Along with the majority of my staff, I have spent my adult life in Waco. For years, Mission Waco has been instrumental in leading efforts to better our community. Profiles was founded upon the principles of helping others, and this opportunity to impact the lives of our community is a proud moment in our business’s history. We are honored to be associated with this organization.”

“Both Profiles International and Mission Waco understand the importance of quality jobs to provide the basic necessities of life,” said Jimmy Dorrell, president and executive director of Mission Waco. “Therefore, we were overwhelmed with gratitude when we heard that our urban, non-profit ministry would be the recipient of such generosity, which will help us empower even more of the poor and marginalized children, youth, and adults in Waco, as well as other parts of the world. We thank Profiles for believing in our mission and effort to invest in the lives of others, who often struggle to overcome incredible challenges. We trust that Profiles’ employees will find joy knowing their hard work brings blessings to others as well as themselves.”

Mr. Dorrell recently addressed the Profiles International corporate staff at their annual luncheon at Ridgewood Country Club. Upon hearing the great efforts of Mission Waco, many staff members have since signed up to volunteer.

For more than 20 years, Mission Waco has built relationship-based, holistic programs among the poor and marginalized. They mobilize middle-class Americans to become more compassionately involved among the poor in their communities. Mission Waco consistently seeks ways to overcome the systemic issues of social injustice, which oppress the poor. Today, there are 15 programs for people of all ages and 25 staff members. A board of 20 Christian men and women from different churches oversee its direction. To learn more, visit their website at

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