Profiles International Announces Social Partnership with CDV – Children of Domestic Violence

Fort Worth, TX. January 21, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced a new social partnership at its 22nd Annual World Conference.

Profiles International has been searching for the perfect social partnership for some time, and believes that the mission of CDV-Children of Domestic Violence aligns well with Profiles International’s culture.

“I am proud that Profiles is becoming a part of CDV’s mission,” said Bud Haney, CEO of Profiles International. “With CDV, we have found a true social partner who allows us to use what we do best to help make a dramatic, positive change in someone’s life. When Jim Sirbasku, my dear friend and co-founder, and I started Profiles, we wanted to help people better understand themselves, so they may be happier in what they are doing by discovering their true selves.”

Profiles International will use their science and methodology to build a unique assessment, which will help those who grew up living with domestic violence discover their true identities and strengths.

Haney added, “To see our science and methodologies used to make such an important social impact is one of my, and the company’s, proudest moments.”

Brian F. Martin, founder and CEO of CDV, said, “We were searching for a well-established company that could offer effective tools to aid our mission to help anyone affected by domestic violence to reach their full potential. In our search, I am proud to say that we selected Profiles as our partner. They can help further our efforts by giving people who grew up with domestic violence a powerful tool to help them better understand and embrace their true nature.”

CDV (Children of Domestic Violence) is a national non-profit whose mission is to help those who grow up living with domestic violence break the cycle and reach their full potential. They do this by working towards universal awareness of Childhood Domestic Violence, which is currently less than 10%, and by developing simple, free, research-based, scalable solutions with few barriers that can help as many people as possible. Any person who grows up in a home with domestic violence is a child of domestic violence. Worldwide, nearly 1 billion children and adults are impacted. The cost is incalculable.
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