Profiles International Announces the First International Talent Assessment and Development Conference in Southeast Asia

Waco, TX. December 3, 2013 – Global assessment solutions provider, Profiles International, has announced the First International Talent Assessment and Development Conference, which will be held December 4-6 at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center in Makati, Philippines.

The first event of its kind for Profiles SEA, the conference is being hosted by Jocelyn and Malcolm Pick of Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. and is set to be an annual collaboration between Profiles International in Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.

Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. will collaborate with Profiles International to conduct the conference, which aims to help leaders optimize their HR function and improve bottom-line results and engagement of their workforce. The event is being held in honor of 15 years of success and partnership between Profiles Asia Pacific and Profiles International.

This premier event will bring together industry leaders from around the world to share their expertise on the pressing issues faced by human resources professionals. The conference will feature three days of presentations, in which Profiles International associates and other speakers will address topics focused on renewing individual and organizational vitality and preparing for the future of recruitment, including: Philippine-based benchmarking, career planning, building a competency framework, and creating a coaching culture.

A highlight of the event is certification training, where attendees will receive in-depth training that outlines all elements of the science behind employment assessments. Attendees will learn from Dr. Scott Hamilton, Chief Science Officer, how to use Profiles International solutions for maximum impact in their own organizations. There will also be a CEO Breakfast Forum, where CEOs and sales executives will have the opportunity to learn about leadership charisma and optimizing their sales forces.

Profiles International colleagues and associates attending the event are: Deiric McCann, Senior Consultant to the International Division, Profiles International, and Rick Yvanovich, CEO of Profiles International, Vietnam.

Learn more about the event by visiting the website.

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