Profiles International Discovers Biggest Sales Force Challenges

WACO, Texas; April 5, 2013 – Profiles International, an industry-leading assessment provider, recently launched an effort throughout North America with the intent to discover and provide solutions for the continent’s biggest sales force challenges. Through this effort, hundreds of multi-national corporations and local business owners revealed their sales force challenges for the chance to win a Sales Team Analysis package. This week, Profiles International released some of its initial findings on prevailing sales force challenges. Profiles found that:

– Even with monetary incentives, sales teams are not motivated
– Managers don’t know the DNA of a great sales person, and therefore don’t know how to replicate top performers
– Managers do not know how to recruit, train, and develop new sales people
– Managers need help understanding sales people’s abilities
– Managers need help determining skill gaps

Many of these challenges can be solved when management and sales leaders make a conscious effort to learn more about their people, and pay particular attention pre-hire. Read more of 2013’s Biggest Sales Force Challenges.

Profiles International is pleased to announce Multimedia Sales and Marketing Broadcast Services as the official winner of the Sales Team Analysis package. MSM is a professional inside sales service. They specialize in the sale of small spot packages of Community Awareness messages, which they air on radio stations throughout the United States. Their Community Awareness Campaigns range from Auto Safety and Drunk Driving to Missing Children and Drug Abuse Prevention. Their service is used by hundreds of top rated stations. They also offer web services with hosting, development, and design by INT. Learn more by visiting

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