Profiles International Identifies Seven Biggest Team-Building Blunders for Businesses

Austin, TX, April 6, 2010 — Profiles International, a global leader in employment evaluation and human resource management assessment tools, has released a report that identifies the seven biggest mistakes that businesses make when they build teams within the organization. The report demonstrates that building a team is more than just putting capable people together and giving them a problem to solve; maintaining high-functioning teams requires in-depth planning and communication.

“Many business leaders believe that all they need to do to create an effective team is to find their best people and give them a problem to solve. While it’s certainly a gift to have a business full of creative minds and critical thinkers, building a team is all about creating a group that is greater than the sum of its parts. That means knowing the way people think, interact, and create,” says Bud Haney, co-founder and president of Profiles International.

The report identifies the seven biggest team-building blunders as failure to build support for the team with the right people at the right levels, failure to establish conditions for team effectiveness, failure to establish a meaningful performance goal, the absence of a clear decision-making process, failure to establish appropriate norms, weak communication channels, and insensitivity to diversity.

“If business leaders are serious about building effective teams then they need to have a clear and in-depth understanding of each of their people. They need to know what makes their people tick, what motivates them, and how to best communicate with them. Otherwise, the end result is going to be disappointing. We want this report to help businesses build the most effective teams possible,” says Dario Priolo, Managing Director of the Profiles International Research Institute.

Download the full report: “How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team-Building Blunders”

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