Profiles International is proud to present the 2011 Large Sales Force Analysis of America's Most Productive Companies

Profiles International is proud to present the 2011 Large Sales Force Analysis of America’s Most Productive Companies. This research offers a better understanding of the key factors that drive sales force productivity in large organizations.

The study covers 230 companies across 17 different industries. Based on revenue growth and profitability, the report classifies organizations as the best in class, the questionables and the laggards in each industry. Microsoft Corporation, Capital One Financial Corporation, NIKE Inc. and Aflac Incorporated are among some of the “Best in Class” organizations.

After the top companies were identified, the study continues to answer: What makes these top organizations the best? From further research, Profiles International presents a number of best-practices that lead to outstanding sales productivity, such as:

– Have extreme customer and market focus

– Build customer loyalty

– Create a sales process that satisfies customers’ buying process

– Stay up to the date with the latest industry and market trends

– And many more

For a complete list of America’s Best in Class Sales Organizations and their best-practices, download the full report for free.

In addition to the Large Sales Force Analysis, Profiles International released a similar study in June 2011, which presents America’s Most Productive Companies based on human capital productivity. It is the most comprehensive study of its kind, which focuses on labor productivity.

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