Profiles International Offers Global Leaders Content on Effective Management Skills

Waco, TX. August 13, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, offers eBooks, white papers, blogs, and tips on effective management skills to global leaders.

This year, Profiles has released several new eBooks on mastering management, leadership, effective hiring, and succession planning strategies. The talent management solutions provider also publishes daily content on two blogs, Workplace 101 and Industry Insights, offering their audience an abundance of workplace, talent management, and leadership tips.

“At Profiles International, we know that great management is imperative to a high-performance workplace,” said Michael Wilk, vice president of corporate marketing at Profiles International. “We offer tools, timely content, and insight to help managers be more effective, to ensure the success of their companies.”

Visit the Profiles International website and Resource Library to learn more about:

-Effective succession planning strategies
-How to master management and deal with difficult employees
-The past and present of management
-How to identify high-potential employees
-Onboarding for effective, high-performing workplace teams
-And much more.

Profiles International also offers complementary monthly webinars, hosted by industry experts and organizational development specialists.

Profiles International is the best source for talent management solutions, with over 20 years’ experience and more than 40,000 clients in over 120 countries. Profiles knows how people work and what motivates them. Their data-driven talent management solutions–built on complex behavioral science, yet simple to administer and read–help organizations find the right people, shape them into a winning team, and lead them to their full potential.