Profiles International Releases "Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce"

Waco, TX. August 5, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has released a new eBook titled, “Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce.”
Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals. However, employee engagement does not mean the same thing to everyone. Research shows that roughly only one in three employees are currently engaged, and the remaining 70 percent costs U.S. businesses $300 billion annually.
“With new and diverse people being born and entering the workforce every day, a tailored plan to engage them needs to be established,” said Micheal Wilk, vice president of corporate marketing at Profiles International. “Gamification and corporate philanthropy have become more common in organizations today in order to engage and motivation the younger generations. The latest eBook offers insight into the foundation of employee engagement, and new trends to engage the five-generation workforce.”
By downloading this eBook, readers will learn:
-What Employee Engagement Is
-The Foundation of Employee Engagement
-The Five-Generation Workforce
-New Trends to Engage the Five-Generation Workforce
-Rules of New Generational Engagement
For more information and to download “Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce,” visit
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