Profiles International Releases "Entrepreneurship: The Sometimes Messy Art of Creating a Business Masterpiece"

Waco, TX. May 14, 2015 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has released a new eBook titled Entrepreneurship: The Sometimes Messy Art of Creating a Business Masterpiece.

This eBook is a culmination of research providing readers with vital information about what entrepreneurship is and what it entails, the most recent statistics about going into business for oneself, the benefits and burdens of entrepreneurship, and how to begin self-employment.

Entrepreneurship: The Sometimes Messy Art of Creating a Business Masterpiece is not intended to be a guide to start one’s own company. Instead, it simply lays out all the facts so that someone interested in the entrepreneurial lifestyle can make an educated, informed decision, and get started in the right direction. It can also be used as a helpful tool for those already in business to feel the pulse of the market today.

Readers can access up to date statistics and content on:

– The state of U.S. entrepreneurship in 2015
– Tips and advice for writing a business model
– Insight on how to prepare, evaluate, and progress as an entrepreneur
– Plus, much more.

This eBook, as well as Profiles International’s white papers and eBooks, are available in the Profiles International research library.

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