Profiles International Releases "Hitting the Mark with High Potentials"

Waco, TX. May 7, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced the release of a new eBook, titled “Hitting the Mark with High Potentials.” The eBook serves as an all-inclusive guide to identifying and developing high-potential employees.

“High potentials consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances,” said Michael Wilk, VP of Marketing at Profiles International. “It is critical that businesses understand the distinctions between high potential and high performance.”

“Hitting the Mark with High Potentials,” outlines how managers, leaders, and organizations can actualize potential to create a high-performance workplace.

Readers will learn:
-What is Potential?
-The Difference Between High Potential and High Performance
-The Upside and Downside to Acknowledging High Potentials
-High-Potential Development Equals a High-Performance Workplace
-The 3 Best Ways to Identify High Potentials

To download a complimentary copy of “Hitting the Mark with High Potentials,” visit the Profiles International Research Library.

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