Profiles International Releases "Onboarding Excellence: Everything You Need to Know"

Waco, TX. April 3, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced the release of a new eBook, titled “Onboarding Excellence: Everything You Need to Know.” The eBook serves as an all-inclusive guide to effective employee onboarding, which explains key factors in successful onboarding, its importance, and much more.

Organizations that implement an effective onboarding program during the first months of new-hire employment experience 31 percent less turnover than those that do not. After downloading the eBook, readers learn how to improve the effectiveness of their organization’s onboarding process to reduce turnover in their organizations. “Onboarding Excellence” explains the importance of implementing an effective onboarding program, the top five factors in successful onboarding, and strategies for getting the most return from onboarding investments.

“We’re in the ‘people’ business at Profiles, and we aim to help our clients with every aspect of talent management, not just pre-hire,” said Michael Wilk, VP of Corporate Marketing at Profiles International. “We place high importance on onboarding because it lays the foundation for future success in every organization.”

To download a complimentary copy of “Onboarding Excellence: Everything You Need to Know,” visit the Profiles International Research Library.

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