Profiles International Releases "The Executive's Guide to Succession Planning" White Paper

Waco, TX. July 23, 2014 – Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has released a new white paper titled “The Executive’s Guide to Succession Planning.” This white paper discusses how to identify critical positions in a company and how to identify and assess potential successors.

An effective succession plan can guarantee the future success and longevity of an organization. While some business models and management styles aren’t for everyone, succession planning is. Profiles provides this white paper, and other succession planning solutions, to help companies move forward when those valuable employees leave.

By downloading this white paper, you will learn:
-Why executives and managers need to really understand succession planning
-A five-point strategic workforce scheme
-The three critical steps in succession planning
-Why so few enterprises have implemented an effective succession plan
-The stories of three highly-publicized succession plans
-Why succession planning is necessary for all business sizes

For more information or to download the white paper, visit the Profiles International website.

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