Profiles International Releases "The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement"

Waco, TX. December 12, 2013 – Employee assessment solutions provider, Profiles International, announced it has published a new eBook titled “The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement.” The guide provides an in-depth look at engagement on the employee, managerial, and organizational levels. The document discusses at length how engagement influences an employee’s job satisfaction, productivity level, and loyalty to the company.

By downloading the latest eBook, readers can learn how to spot disengaged employees and develop strategies to improve engagement levels throughout their organizations. Specific topics covered include how to identify disengaged employees, how to improve the level of engagement in your organization, and lessons from global organizations getting employee engagement right.

“If businesses have disengaged employees, they risk major productivity losses, higher turnover, increased costs, and lower morale,” said Michael Wilk, vice president, corporate marketing, Profiles International, Inc. “This new guide will show managers how they can promote and maintain employee engagement so these negatives won’t devastate their company.”

Interested parties can download a free, no obligation copy of the employee engagement guide in the Profiles International Library.

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