Profiles International to Host Webinar on Developing People, Performance, and Achieving Sustainable Results

Waco, TX. March 11, 2015 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, will host a webinar titled, “Growing People, Performance, and Achieving Sustainable Results” on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

This upcoming webinar, hosted by John Bradford, will facilitate the mastering of both the “science” (the analytical and assessment techniques) and the “art” (the consultative and partnering practices) of performance consulting.

After this session, participants will be empowered to:
-Identify performance requirements that are directly linked to the operational and business goals of the organization.
-Work in a consultative manner with critical members of an organization
-Move from focusing on implementation to integration of a solution resulting in the achievement of the desired performance.

In addition, Bradford will emphasize the concepts and practices of ACT–building Access, Credibility and Trust–with business managers. Attendees will gain increased awareness to ensure that business goals are met, and to assist management in taking actions necessary for performance change.

Interested parties can register here for the webinar.

John Bradford is the senior vice president of Profiles International Consulting and Coaching Services. He is the driving force behind Profiles’ global consulting team, helping organizations identify, develop, and deploy leadership talent. His ability to identify the business context of an organization, and apply creative thought to desired business results, enables him to craft practical and realistic solutions that can be implemented from the C-Suite to the front line.

Profiles International is the best source for talent management solutions, with over 20 years’ experience and more than 40,000 clients in over 120 countries. Profiles knows how people work and what motivates them. Their data-driven talent management solutions–built on complex behavioral science, yet simple to administer and read–help organizations find the right people, shape them into a winning team, and lead them to their full potential.