Profiles International to Visit U.S. Naval War College

Waco, TX. April 15, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced an upcoming visit to the U.S. Naval War College. John Bradford, Vice President of Profiles International Consulting and Coaching Services, and Sherry Perkins, Vice President Enterprise Solutions Division Consulting, will speak at a seminar focusing on leadership and assessments.

The seminar is part of a 10-session elective program, which will introduce various aspects of leadership, to better transition leaders to their next assignment of duty. The three-hour, interactive, one-on-one debriefs will center around the ProfileXT(R) and Profiles Performance Indicator(TM) assessments, and attendees will learn how to utilize the data they provide to become better leaders.

The U.S. Naval War College sought out Profiles International in order to expose its men and women to personal, self-identifying assessments, and hope to build a relationship with the global assessments provider.

“We help leaders better know themselves, and also those they lead,” said Bradford, “so that the leader can leverage their individual strengths–and those they lead–resulting in an adaptive team that achieves their ultimate objective.”

The Naval War College provides current, rigorous, and relevant professional military education (PME) programs supporting the Navy’s Professional Military Education Continuum. These PME programs must meet the standards required in law and policy and be accessible to the maximum number of qualified U.S. officers and Navy enlisted personnel, civilian employees of the U.S. Government, and international senior enlisted leaders and officers. The education should foster an active and growing community linked by PME including leadership with professional ethics that furthers global maritime security.

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